Winter Related Accidents in California Resulting in Injuries

California is a state that is sunny and warm much of the year. However, this popular destination has periods of inclement weather that make driving difficult and accidents likely. While many accidents do not result in serious injury to either driver, some can lead to a lifetime of pain and disability. If you have been hurt in a California accident due to another driver’s negligent driving in winter weather, speak with an injury attorney to determine if you have a valid case.

Accident Causes

Driving in winter weather has certain challenges that do not exist when driving in warm, sunny weather. Some of the most common cause of winter-related accidents in California include:

  • Driving Too Fast For Weather Conditions
  • Operating A Vehicle Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs
  • Following Too Closely Behind Other Cars
  • Driving While Talking Or Texting On A Cell Phone Or Other Mobile Device

According to the U.S. Department Of Transportation, 24 percent of winter-related accidents occur while driving on sleet or snow. This is because snow hinders the driver’s vision and sleet make it difficult to stop the vehicle quickly.

Proving Liability

In order for your personal injury case to be successful, you must prove the other driver involved was negligent and caused the accident that injured you. Since personal injury laws are complex when it comes to proving liability, it may be to your advantage to hire a lawyer to guide you. It is important to note that California is a comparative negligence state. This means that if you and the other driver were both somewhat responsible for the accident, the court will assign a percentage of the blame to both of you and that may affect how much you receive in compensation.

If you have been injured in a California car crash, you most likely have mounting doctor bills and lost wages. You may be worried that you will not be able to return to work due to your injuries. Contact a personal injury attorney to be sure you know your rights. Hiring an attorney may be the best way to obtain an adequate monetary settlement, so you can focus on your recovery and future.