Increasing Rate of Annual Car Accidents in Washington State

Car accidents are increasing every year in Washington State. Distracted driving, high rates of speed and driving while intoxicated are all things that lead to car accidents. It is a sad fact that many car accidents that result in serious injury or death are preventable. The following is a detailed overview of car accident laws observed in Washington State and how they can affect those who are injured.

Statute Of Limitations

Those who suffer serious injury in a car accident and want to file a personal injury lawsuit must be sure to do so within the appropriate statute of limitations. Washington State gives car accident victims three years after the accident date to file their claim in court. It is important to note that the claim only has to be filed in court within the statute of limitations, not completely resolved. Those who fail to meet this deadline will most likely lose the right to have their case heard in court.

Comparative Negligence Laws

While most car accident claims are fairly straightforward and easy to resolve, some may be more difficult. Washington State follows comparative negligence laws, which means that fault may be placed on more than one driver after an accident. The law allows fault for each person involved in an accident to be assigned a percentage of the blame. While it may not mean accident victims will not recover a settlement in an accident case, it can affect the amount of the settlement depending on the percentage of blame they are assigned by the court or insurance company.

What To Do After An Accident

It can be difficult to know exactly what to do after an accident in Vancouver, WA. Those who are severely injured most likely are unable to work and have mounting medical costs. For this reason, it is best to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer to determine what your options are under the law.

If you have been injured in a Vancouver car accident, it may benefit you to speak with a lawyer for advice. Hiring a lawyer cannot erase the physical injuries you sustained, but it can significantly reduce the stress that goes along with personal injury cases.