Here Is Critical Information That You Need to Know If You’ve Been in a Motorcycle Accident in Vancouver, WA

Motorcycle accidents are generally all over the United States, especially Washington State. Traffic, distracted drivers and speed all play an element in those kinds of injuries. While motorcycle injuries aren’t the most common form of the vehicle accident, sufferers are more likely to suffer extreme harm because they have little protection to take in the impact. The following is a top level view of personal injury law and the way it relates to those injured in motorbike injuries.

What Is A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

A personal injury lawsuit is something a victim can file in court to obtain financial reimbursement for accident-associated losses and injuries. Every state has a statute of limitations which needs to be followed while filing a lawsuit. In Washington State, accident victims must have their case filed in the courtroom within 2 years from the date of the accident. This window is significantly reduced to 6 months if you plan on pursuing legal action against the state or any other government agency.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Those hurt in bike injuries may additionally suffer many specific forms of wounds that range from moderate to debilitating. The most common injuries seen in bike accident victims are:

  • Severed Limbs
    Traumatic Brain Injuries
    Closed Head Injuries
    Spinal Cord Injuries With Or Without Paralysis
    Crush Injuries
    Facial Lacerations Or Disfiguration
    Multiple Broken Bones

Brain accidents are the highest occurring injury and greatest cause of significant injury or death amongst motorcyclists. This is particularly commonplace if the rider does not comply with the helmet regulation outlined in Washington State. Those who sustained head accidents after a motorcycle accident and did not wear a helmet can also have a hard time acquiring a settlement in a personal injury case.

How Can A Lawyer Help

Personal injury lawyers have years of practice defending the rights bike accident victims. A legal professional can also assist you by:

  • Obtaining A Police Report
    Hiring Accident Investigators
    Speaking With Witnesses
    Negotiating A Settlement With The Insurance Company
    Filing Your Lawsuit Documents In Court
    Represent You At Trial

Being injured in a motorcycle coincidence is a trying time. However, there are people here to help. Contact a personal injury lawyer from the law offices of Caron, Colven, Robison & Shafton today to learn whether you may be entitled to earn legal compensation for injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident in Vancouver, WA.